Dog, Bike & Mini Trackers

Now you can monitor the movement of your pets and know their whereabouts at all given times. Even for your bikes our devices work wonders when it comes to real time tracking. enjoy peace of mind with our mini tracker devices which can be used for knowing the exact location of your loved ones.


Pet owners want to care for their animals safety & well being. Even the most loving pet owners have lost their animals at one point and experienced nearly unbearable anxiety & fear.

Using our advanced GPS technology, pet owners can now keep their loved ones even safer. Locate your pet faster and bring them home without the stress & fear. Our devices will also keep you updated on daily activities providing you more control regarding their fitness and health levels.

  • Track your pets activity & location in real time
  • Monitor your pet with incredible accuracy with updates sent directly to your phone
  • Follow your dog’s movement and rest patterns to gain valuable health information
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate long distance tracking
  • Long Battery Life
  • Excellent resource for professional trainers & dog walkers
  • Have confidence in your pets well being while traveling


Keep your bike safe and restore your peace of mind with our custom tailored GPS trackers. Our bike tracking accessories are lightweight and small making them hardly noticeable giving you the extra comfort afforded by its presence.

Should your bike move or be tampered with our trackers will alert sending precise location directly to your phone, and can be used to alert the owner of theft, or loved ones in the event of an accident.